LANTech will continue to harness emerging technologies to ensure that we deliver innovative business solutions that will give our customers a competitive edge and to us sustained profitability.

We are currently innovating along the following technology trends that will be the key drivers in shaping the industrywide IT adoption in the next 5 year.

  • DIGITIZED ECONOMY – growth will be driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations and relationships
  • MOBILE-Open for business any place, any time
  • SOCIAL – Enable new levels of customer intimacy
  • BIG DATA – New analytical opportunities at a massive scale
  • IOT – Explosive growth in device to device communications (ROBOTICS)
  • CLOUD – Foundation for efficiency and business agility ( Edge computing and Hybrid Cloud)
  • AI – AI enabled user interface resulting in the use of CONVERSATION SPEECH TECH for customer engagement.
  • EXPANDING AND SCALING TRUST – Servers will encrypt at rest and motion. AI will power security alert automation and people will have BLOCKCHAIN based digital identities.