A myriad of security solutions exists, no single building block is sufficient today. By implementing robust strategies at each level, organizations can more effectively stay ahead in security.

Securing your systems against attacks and Data losses

At LANTech, we understand that in business every second counts, service levels dramatically impact employee productivity, business reputation, and revenue. We help our clients to choose the right mix of security solutions that can enhance business operations, decrease service delivery degradation and prevent downtime.

Our IT Security Solutions aim at being

  • Threat Intelligent solutions- to bring visibility into your enterprise activities – DETECTION and AWARENESS
  • Threat Combative Solutions- to prevent threats – PREVENTION
  • Threat Informative Solutions- ability to make organizations aware of threats within them- INFORMATIVE

Threat Collaborative Solutions- combining efforts with other vendors through sharing info. There is no silver bullet.


Our Professional Cyber Services – The Human Advantage

A comprehensive package of services that will take the organization from planning to implementing an
effective cyber security program.

  • Risk Assessment – a comprehensive review of the company’s security level, listing vulnerabilities and
    mitigation recommendations.
  • Cyber Security Plan – A detailed, actionable and optimized cyber security and business continuity plan
    based on the completed risk assessment.
  • Incident Response Support – Emergency expert service available 24/7 to handle any case of breach
    or attack, in order to limit damages and reduce recovery time and costs.
  • Training and Mentoring – Flexible cyber security training programs from general awareness to advanced
    cyber security skills.
  • Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) – Establishing on behalf of the customer top of the line
    intelligence-driven cyber security operation center that monitors the organization’s security posture at
    all times and ensures centralized alerting and investigation.