Our Competency Framework

We link individual performance to the goals of the business. To do this, we use “competencies.” These are the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively. By having a defined set of competencies for each role in our business, it shows employees the kind of behaviors the organization values, and which it requires to help achieve its objectives. Not only does our team members work more effectively and achieve their potential, but there are many business benefits to be had from linking personal performance with corporate goals and values.

Defining which competencies are necessary for success in our organization helps us in the following:


  • Ensure that our people demonstrate sufficient expertise.
  • Recruit and select new staff more effectively.
  • Evaluate performance more effectively.
  • Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently.
  • Provide more customized training and professional development.
  • Plan sufficiently for succession.
  • Make change management processes work more efficiently.
We perform extensive training on our various teams (i.e. engineers, management) to ensure they stay abreast with the latest trends in technology.